Frederic Chopin Complete Preludes, Nocturnes And Waltzes (Updated Ed) par Divers

Frederic Chopin Complete Preludes, Nocturnes And Waltzes (Updated Ed)

Titre de livre: Frederic Chopin Complete Preludes, Nocturnes And Waltzes (Updated Ed)

Éditeur: Hal Leonard Publications

ISBN: 0634099205

Auteur: Divers

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Divers avec Frederic Chopin Complete Preludes, Nocturnes And Waltzes (Updated Ed)

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DescriptionFrederic Chopin: Complete Preludes, Nocturnes And Waltzes (Updated Edition) In this collection, 26 Preludes, 21 Nocturnes and 19 Watzes are presented, including seven urtext editions new to this volume. All edited by Rafael Joseffy. SonglistGrand Valse Brilliante In E Flat Op.18Nocturne In A Flat Op.32 No.2Nocturne In B Flat Minor Op.9 No.1Nocturne In B Op.32 No.1Nocturne In B Op.62 No.1Nocturne In B Op.9 No.3Nocturne In C Minor (1837)Nocturne In C Minor Op.48 No.1Nocturne In C Sharp Minor (1830)Nocturne In C Sharp Minor Op.27 No.1Nocturne In D Flat Op.27 No.2Nocturne In E Flat Op.55 No.2Nocturne In E Flat Op.9 No.2Nocturne In E Minor Op.72 No.1Nocturne In E Op.62 No.2Nocturne In F Minor Op.55 No.1Nocturne In F Op.15 No.1Nocturne In F Sharp Minor Op.48 No.2Nocturne In F Sharp Op.15 No.2Nocturne In G Minor Op.15 No.3Nocturne In G Minor Op.37 No.1Nocturne In G Op.37 No.2Prelude In A Flat (1834)Prelude In A Flat Op.28 No.17Prelude In A Minor Op.28 No.2Prelude In A Op.28 No.7Prelude In B Flat Minor Op.28 No.16Prelude In B Flat Op.28 No.21Prelude In B Minor Op.28 No.6Prelude In B Op.28 No.11Prelude In C Minor Op.28 No.20Prelude In C Op.28 No.1Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op.28 No.10Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op.45Prelude In D Flat 'Raindrop' Op.28 No.15Prelude In D Minor Op.28 No.24Prelude In D Op.28 No.5Prelude In E Flat Minor Op.28 No.14Prelude In E Flat Op.28 No.19Prelude In E Minor Op.28 No.4Prelude In E Op.28 No.9Prelude In F Minor Op.28 No.18Prelude In F Op.28 No.23Prelude In F Sharp Minor Op.28 No.8Prelude In F Sharp Op.28 No.13Prelude In G Minor Op.28 No.22Prelude In G Op.28 No.3Prelude In G Sharp Minor Op.28 No.12Valse Brilliante In A flat Op.34 No.1Valse Brilliante In A minor Op.34 No.2Valse Brilliante In F Op.34 No.3Waltz In A Flat (1827)Waltz In A Flat Op.42Waltz In A Flat Op.64 No.3Waltz In A Flat Op.69 No.1Waltz In A Minor (1843)Waltz In B Minor Op.69 No.2Waltz In C Sharp Minor Op.64 No.2Waltz In D Flat Op.64 No.1Waltz In D Flat Op.70 No.3Waltz In E...