Complete Lyric Pieces (Centennial Edition) par Edvard Grieg

Complete Lyric Pieces (Centennial Edition)

Titre de livre: Complete Lyric Pieces (Centennial Edition)

Éditeur: Schirmer

ISBN: 0793543258

Auteur: Edvard Grieg

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Edvard Grieg avec Complete Lyric Pieces (Centennial Edition)

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DescriptionEdvard Grieg: Complete Lyric Pieces For Piano Includes Op.12, Op.38, Op.43, Op.47, Op.54, Op.57, Op.62, Op.65, Op.68 and Op.71. SonglistAlbum Leaf Op.12 No.7Album Leaf Op.47 No.2Arietta Op.43 No.7At Your Feet Op.68 No.3Ballad Op.65 No.6Bell Ringing Op.54 No.6Berceuse Op.38 No.1Brooklet Op.62 No.4Butterfly Op.43 No.1Canon Op.38 No.8Cradle Song, Op. 11, No. 2Elegy Op.38 No.6Elegy Op.47 No.7Elves' Dance Op.12 No.4Erotik Op.43 No.5French Serenade Op.62 No.3From Early Years Op.65 No.1Gade Op.57 No.2Gone Op.71 No.6Grandmother's Minuet Op.68 No.2Gratitude Op.62 No.2Halling Op.38 No.4Halling Op.47 No.4Halling Op.71 No.5Home-Sickness Op.57 No.6Homeward Op.62 No.6Illusion Op.57 No.3In My Native Country Op.43 No.3Little Bird Op.43 No.4March Of The Trolls Op.54 No.3MelancholyMelancholy Op.47 No.5Melancholy Waltz Op.68 No.6Melody Op.38 No.3Melody Op.47 No.3National Song Op.12 No.8Nocturne Op.54 No.4Norwegian March Op.54 No.2Norwegian Melody Op.12 No.6Once Upon A Time Op.71 No.1Op.65 No.3Peace Of The Woods Op.71 No.4Peasant's Song Op.65 No.2Phantom Op.62 No.5Popular Melody Op.12 No.5Popular Melody Op.38 No.2Puck Op.71 No.3Remembrances Op.71 No.7Sailor's Song Op.68 No.1Salon Op.65 No.4Scherzo Op.54 No.5Secret Op.57 No.4She Dances Op.57 No.5Shepherd's Boy Op.54 No.1Solitary Traveller Op.38 No.2Sommerabend Op.71 No.2Spring Dance Op.38 No.5Spring Dance Op.47 No.6Sylph Op.62 No.1To The Spring Op.43 No.6Valse Impromptu Op.47 No.1Vanished Day Op.57 No.1Waltz Op.12 No.2Waltz Op.38 No.7Watchman's Song Op.12 No.3Wedding Day At Troldhauen Op.65 No.6You Gave Me A Mountain